Glam Weddings With Traditional Aspects

Glam Weddings With Traditional Aspects

One of the most special days of your life is your wedding day. For a momentous occasion like your wedding, it makes sense to go above and beyond with your decor and all other aspects! You'll want your wedding aesthetic to reflect the celebration and express the depth of your love for your partner since starting a new chapter is such a huge milestone. Are you ready to celebrate your love? A glamorous wedding awaits.

Glam weddings are among the most extravagant wedding themes. Couples who want to create that "wow" factor and never settle for less will love it because of its "more is more" mentality. The color palettes are monochromatic with hints of metallic, formal dress codes, and lush blooms.

However, having a glam wedding doesn’t mean that everything has to be against the grain! You can still have a glamorous wedding with traditional aspects. Today we’re going to share a few ways you can have both!

Enhance Your Invitations


Your invitations are the absolute best way to set the tone of your wedding day. Because this is such a traditional staple for a wedding, consider amping up yours with metallic fonts or even a custom monogram if you really want to go all out! While your invitations don’t have to be lavish, it can still feel glamorous without doing too much.


Upgrade The Altar


It's the ceremony that makes your union official, so you'll need extra-special décor to mark the occasion. Your floral arrangement will take your guests' breath away with lush greenery and romantic roses that reflect your relationship. Make it feel as if it is just you and your partner taking on the world by creating a platform for you to stand on. 

Transform Your Aisle

The walk down this aisle is a very traditional part of a wedding that will make you feel like you're in a fairytale. If you want to achieve this look, choose a monochromatic palette and all-white flowers. Fill the aisle with petals, and line the edges with white delphiniums, larkspurs, and greenery. In a floral arch, you will experience the ultimate fantasy: Marrying the one true love of your life.

Make Your Seating Special


When it's time for your reception, a sweetheart table will provide an intimate space for you two to connect as a newlywed couple. Your guests will also be able to admire those statement seats if you add a little extra flair. Make use of your ceremony arch as a frame for your two-person table and save money and hassle!



Splurge On A Fabulous Wedding Gown


No wedding is complete without a stunning wedding gown, after all! Again, this is a traditional aspect that you’ll want to have at your wedding and it can be as glam as you want! Consider a gown with a dramatic silhouette like a curve hugging mermaid style, lots of sparkles, plunging necklines, and glittery jewels! 


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