How to shop a sample sale

How to shop a sample sale

How to shop a sample sale. Mobile Image

Apr 18, 2021

We our hosting our annual "Say yes for Less" sample sale event on May 1,2021 and we want to give you some shopping tips on how to take advantage of this event.


First off - what exactly is a sample sale event?  During this event we will be selling a selection of sample gowns to make room for new inventory.  All of these gowns will be priced from $99 - $499 for this day only.  Samples are gowns that have been tried on during bridal appointments. They will be a variety of sizes from 10-30 (most gowns will fall between sizes 10 and 14), colors and silhouettes.  


How to make the most of a sample sale appointment


1) Research.  We will be posting videos of some of the sample gowns available during the event on our social media pages.  Look at our designers to see if their style matches what you are looking for.


2) Know what you are looking for.  Sample sale events are not the time for finding your style moments.  Come in knowing what silhouette and detail you want in a gown.  Appointment times will be limited to 45 minutes so focused trying on is the way to go.  We will help you know what size range you should look at since bridal sizing is different than normal clothing sizes. 


3) Be ready to buy. During this event there will be no holds and all sales will be required to be paid in full at time of purchase. All sales are final, no exchanges, refunds or returns.


4) Inspect the gown.  These samples are in good to great condition but they have been tried on clipped so some damage could be present.  We NEVER sell gowns that can't be repaired.  There could be a button missing or some missing beads but all of this can be repaired.  We will even have our button jar out to see if we can find them for you. Most damage will not be noticeable unless you are up close and looking for it. Most of these gowns have so much detail that the overall look is amazing.


5) Bring the right people.  During this event we will only be allowing 2 guests per bride.  Make sure these are your trusted people.  Our team will be here to help you in and out of the dresses but your team will be your full cheerleaders. This will be a faster paces appointment than standard since the gowns you will be trying we will focus on size and alteration needs.  


6) If you don't find the one don't worry.  This event will give you a great idea of our stores style and if you want to make an appointment to come look at our current orderable inventory we can get you all scheduled. 


If you have any questions about this sale event give us a call at 208-322-3945.  Remember we hold this event only 1 time per year - so take advantage of it and happy dress shopping!