Make your day perfect - Hire a wedding planner!

Make your day perfect - Hire a wedding planner!

Make your day perfect - Hire a wedding planner!. Mobile Image

Mar 03, 2021

We reached out to our friend Erin - the amazing owner of Dreamer Events -  to get the scoop on why hiring a wedding planning is a great idea. We want you smiling like this gorgeous couple on your big day.


Here are her top 5 reasons.  

Top Reasons to hiring a Wedding Planner Explained:


Why hire a Wedding Planner? Well, when you think about all the costs and things you need to do to plan for your Big Day, most people actually think a Wedding Planner is the last vendor if ever and then only brought on at the very end of booking all your other vendors. When in fact we should be your Top 3 Vendors hired from the very beginning, only after Venue and Photographer if you even get that far before hiring us.  We can help you from the words "Yes, I will!" Weddings are an investment and hiring someone who can walk you through the process effectively should be at the top of the list to hire.


Here are my Top 5 Reasons that will make you not think twice about hiring a Wedding Planner after you are done reading this. I will go in reverse order saving the best and most rewarding for last.


5. Vendor Chit Chat - We talk to your vendors and make sure all their needs and your needs are covered. You want to make sure you are getting fair and accurate pricing for your guest count. Vendors find working with a Planner to be a top choice on their to do lists. Because, we give them the info they need to know all while saving you all endless emails back and forth trying to figure out how many plates are needed, what flavors you really want and what time they need to arrive and what time dinner should be served. Plus, they get a bonus personalized timeline with only the info they need to know about. What vendors really need to know what time your Mom will be arriving on site other than you and your Mom? :)


4. All your Guests Needs - We make sure all you guests needs are taken care of. From making sure all their mobility needs, hydration and comforts are cared for. How many kids are coming? Do they need high chairs or boosters? These are the questions we ask and get answers for, so that you do not have to think about it. All the small things that can get overlooked on a surface level view of most brides when planning a wedding. Not a fault by any stretch of the imagination. This just isn't your hundredth wedding you have planned and seen all sorts of things work and not work for guests comfort and ultimate enjoyment.


3. Rental Sourcing - This is actually a large one. Have you ever gone on the web and tried searching for something that is on your mind, all to end up having spent hours searching, ending up buying swiffer refills, watching cat videos on Youtube and finding your perfect vacation destination? The rabbit hole is real and when you are not sure where to look you get sucked in. We save you all that lost time finding the perfect addition that makes your day as unique as your love. All while saving you money and time trying to figure out the exact quantities you will need. Next we send you the link, the counts and voila your set to click buy and move on.


2. The Clock is Running - I have said it above in so many different ways. But, really think about this. If this is your first or second wedding you are planning, you want to think about the overall look, feel and random details here and there. You want to gown shop and pick out your menu, not want to think of if the chandeliers have been dusted, if there will need to be steak knives added to the rental list or even how many weeks are needed for RSVP's to be returned. Then turn around and make sure all those counts have been changed to final head counts for your Vendors. This all takes time out of your already busy lives, it can be stressful to make sure all vendors have received updated info and it is done in time to not incur extra costs per your contracts. Do not get me started on contracts! I could write a whole thing on just why to hire a planner when reading through contracts. Again a time saver to hire us.


1. Your Investment - This hot topic starts at setting your budget and then finding ways to stick to it without sacrificing the overall vision you have in your mind about the day. We are here to make sure that you think through all your choices. That those choices are refined to be placed into a value system of importance and then vendors are selected to best fit your budget and also your outcome. Picking a vendor because they are cheap can often lead to many unforeseen problems. And if you do not have someone who can help you make educated decisions and or give you the right questions to ask before booking. You could actually lose money, time and lots of sleep. We want to be your front line of support in all fronts.


I could go on for days about the benefits and the amazing reasons Wedding Planners are the most needed and valuable investments you can make on your Vendors To Hire list! Ask for these three things when talking to a potential Planner:


1. Do you have past clients who would be willing to talk to me, and actually talk to them. Why should they hire this planner? Why did they make a difference in the outcome of the day? Would they have paid more knowing what they know now?

2. Ask other vendors they are booking who they would work with? And why?

3. If you could say one thing about your business that would make you book them what would it be? You may be surprised about the answer they give. It is not always about self promotion but, how honest are they being in their answer.