Margaux + Isaac

Margaux + Isaac

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Aug 13, 2021







How Margaux met Isaac...    


Isaac and Margaux met at Biola University in Southern California. Margaux had seen Isaac around campus, but their paths never crossed for over a year. One day Margaux noticed Isaac talking to her older brother and a mutual friend in the Biola cafeteria so she made up an excuse to go over and talk to her brother, opening the opportunity for her to introduce herself. They quickly became friends and started dating a couple of months after.   "It’s been a long road to the altar, but the journey was worth taking when taken alongside your best friend." -Margaux              




 He asked.. she said "Yes!"  


Isaac and Margaux were scheduled to graduate college in May 2020. In March 2020, as with so

many other students, they had to kiss their in-person student experience goodbye and were

forced to pack up their life in Southern California and quarantine with Margaux’s family in Boise.

As graduation drew closer, Margaux’s desire to get engaged grew. Isaac really wanted to have a

solid job in place prior to getting engaged though so he kept pushing the idea off. At the

beginning of May, Isaac was offered a really amazing job opportunity in Southern California. He

happily accepted the job but realized that would mean he would be leaving Margaux in Idaho

until she returned to California to start her Master’s program in the Fall. Knowing this, he knew

it was go time! Margaux's birthday was in early May so her older brother flew out to Idaho to

celebrate with their family. Little did Margaux know that her entire family was plotting with Isaac

for the surprise engagement. One day, Isaac had the idea to have her brother take their

“graduation photos.” What Margaux thought was going to be a graduation photo session ended

upbeing a surprise engagement shoot. One of their friends actually flew to Idaho to capture the

moment. The look on Margaux’s face in all of the photos clearly illustrates the fact that she had

absolutely no idea it was coming! The sweetest surprise.      









The unexpected of planning a wedding during a nationwide pandemic...  



  "We ended up having to postpone our wedding for 6 months due to COVID. Leading up to the wedding we always heard, 'Cherish your wedding day. It flies by.' That statement could literally not have been more true. " -Margaux 













Love is NOT canceled! 




Margaux & Isaac's wedding day--



"It is a crazy experience spending over a year planning a wedding and then within 5 hours, start to finish, it is over! That being said, the day could not have been sweeter. It was so special to have all of our worlds collide — school friends, friends from Margaux’s hometown, friends from Isaac’s hometown, out-of-state family, etc. Isaac and I both agree that that is one of our favorite things about the day — having all our loved ones together. Walking down the aisle, I (Margaux) experienced butterflies that almost burst out of my chest. The aisle was very long so seeing Isaac slowly getting closer with each step was so surreal. This day we had been praying and waiting for was finally here! One of my (Margaux’s) favorite memories from the wedding was sharing a sweet first look with her dad. He was in tears before he even turned around and it was just such a tender moment. I also had the idea to do a surprise mother-daughter dance with my mom at the tail-end of my father-daughter dance and that was another sweet memory I will never forget. I also remember the immense joy I felt literally skipping down the aisle after we finally said 'I do.' At last!! We were married!! "









Margaux's tips for future brides planning their wedding...





"Remember that you and your partner are a team! Planning a wedding is stressful, but don’t let the stress let you forget that you ultimately want the best for one another. It is a time that is supposed to be fun and full of joy. Don’t let the stress steal that from you. Find a photographer who you really click with! When deciding who to select for your bridal party, think of the people who have been a support to you as individuals and as a couple. Find community and dig deep in premarital counseling — prepare not only for a beautiful wedding, but a strong marriage! We are a little over a month into marriage and, though our wedding was such a sweet day, marriage has been even sweeter. "





Photography: Dear Kodak Photography @dearkodak

Venue: @Wedgewood.fallbrook

Flowers: @sj_mama

Dessert: @eleganceondisplaybakery

Videographer: @garricktalavera

Makeup Artist: @sunshine_styling_

Suits: @generationtux