Not your normal wedding dress shopping tips!

Not your normal wedding dress shopping tips!

Not your normal wedding dress shopping tips!. Mobile Image

Apr 07, 2021



We LOVE helping brides

find their wedding dress!


We understand this is not something you do    everyday so we NEVER expect brides or their groups to know the ins and outs of the wedding gown world. That is what we are for!  Here are some tips to really enjoy shopping for your wedding dress.



1) EAT before you shop!  - We understand that having a full stomach while wedding dress shopping isn't what brides want to see when looking in the mirror, but trying on dresses is a lot of work.  Getting hangry half way through your appointment will ruin what should be a fun and relaxed experience.  Make sure your entourage eats as well.  Take it from us when a guest gets hungry they stop focusing on you and what you want.  Rude and hurtful comments can escape and that isn't fun for anyone.


2) Choose who you bring wisely. - We understand that having a large group of your friends and family gushing over you sounds amazing - BUT take it from us this doesn't happen often.  Every person you bring will also bring their opinion and most will not be afraid to tell you exactly what they think hurtful or not.  Wedding dress shopping is really all about how you feel in a gown. Are you confident? Do you feel like a bride? If you have a large group there will be some that are jealous, some that don't like not being the center of attention and some that are just bored. Really think about who has your best interest at heart.  This is truly a moment that the total focus needs to be on YOU!


3) Wear a little more makeup than your normal everyday look. - On your wedding day you will be glammed up and camera ready so why come dress shopping in a messy bun and no makeup?  Give your look a little glam on dress shopping day.  If you come in feeling gorgeous and confident you can really let yourself enjoy each dress.  Getting that "I feel like a bride" feeling is easier when you see a reflection similar to what you want to see in your wedding photos.


4) There may be no tears and that is OK! - Not everyone cries (to be honest most don't) so don't put pressure on yourself or your group to shed tears.  We have seen some of our brides go silent while they imagine themselves walking down the aisle, or get so happy they dance while others just smile so big their cheeks hurt, and all of these are perfect reactions!  


5) Your bridal size will not be the same as your everyday clothes size.  As women we put a lot of stress on what size we wear.  When you are wedding dress shopping you really need to not worry about the number that will be sewn into your dress.  Our designers run 1-2 sizes bigger than your street size. What does that mean?  If you are normally a size 10 your bridal gown will possibly be a size 12 or 14.  On your wedding day no one will ask - so what size is your wedding dress - so don't stress about the size you order.  Your consultant will talk you through all measurements and what size is recommended for that specific dress.    


Now go out and have some fun dress shopping!