Wedding Accessories

Wedding Accessories

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Jan 20, 2021

Once you find your perfect dress, the dress you are going to wear on your wedding day, it is time to accessorize! The first accessory to think about is a veil! While not every bride wants to wear a veil, it is always smart to try some on during your appointment. If you find that you are a veil-wearing bride, explore different lengths and styles. A veil can make your look feel more romantic, sophisticated, elegant, or whimsical.


Our stylists at BB Bridal can express the feeling you want by pairing the perfect veil with your dress. If you are not in love with idea of wearing a veil, that is okay! There are other accessories that can compliment your look, such as headpieces or hair combs and clips.

Bridal headpieces or hair accessories are a great way to compliment your look and give your hairstyle a more bridal feel! They range from being a big bold crown to small combs that can enhance your updo.


Another important accessory to consider is jewelry! At BB Bridal we carry LoveBird Jewelry, which is a designer that specializes in heirloom quality jewelry. When choosing one of these pieces, you are not only choosing something for your wedding day, but something you can continue to wear on special occasions and even pass down in your family. They are also customizable, so they are perfect for your full look. Their earrings, necklaces, and bracelets will be a beautiful statement piece for you to keep and remember.